Multi-Modal Imaging with a Toolbox of Influenza A Reporter Viruses

Tran V, Poole DS, Jeffery JJ, Sheahan TP, Creech D, Yevtodiyenko A, Peat AJ, Francis KP, You S, Mehle A (2015). Viruses 7(10):5319-27.
PubMed Record

Reporter viruses are useful probes for studying multiple stages of the viral life cycle. Here we describe an expanded toolbox of fluorescent and bioluminescent influenza A reporter viruses. The enhanced utility of these tools enabled kinetic studies of viral attachment, infection, and co-infection. Multi-modal bioluminescence and positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET/CT) imaging of infected animals revealed that antiviral treatment reduced viral load, dissemination, and inflammation. These new technologies and applications will dramatically accelerate in vitro and in vivo influenza virus studies.

Figure 3 PET-CT + OSV

Sequential measures of viral load (visible) and inflammation (PET/CT) in mice infected with our bioluminescent reporter virus