Sophie Abou-Rizk – Student Hourly

Chemistry grad student at Harvard

Liz Feltman – Lab Manager

Currently at MedLab 2020

Mitch Ledwith – CMB grad student

Currently La Jolla Lab


Katie Amato – MDTP graduate student

Currently scientist at Genentech


Steven Baker – postdoc

Currently PI at Lovelace Biomedical




Tony Dawson – CMB grad student

Currently a postdoc at New England Biolabs (NEB)


Twitter: @PUNusualSuspect

Kaitlin Davis – Postdoctoral Research Associate.

Currently Grants/Research Program Manager at Additional Ventures Foundation ( Twitter: @_daviskai

Jo (Supasek) Kongsomros – Royal Golden Jubilee PhD scholarship visiting scholar from Mahidol University, Thailand. Jo returned to Mahidol to complete his degree

Abby Hoover – Undergraduate Researcher, Microbiology (CALS) ’20, Global Health and Environmental Studies Certificate. Currently NIH IRTA post-baccalaureate research fellow.

Gloria Larson – MDTP graduate student 2014-2019. Currently ORISE Fellow at the CDC.

Colin Mowbray
Previously in the lab: student hourly

Christina Higgins
Previously in the lab: Lab manager/research specialist
Currently: Graduate student at NYU Langone


Vy Tran
Previously in the lab: Graduate student, Postdoc


Arindam Mondal
Previously in the lab: Postdoc
Currently: Assistant professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur


James Kirui
Previously in the lab: Graduate student
Currently: Postdoc in Eric Freed’s lab (NIH)

Daniel Poole
Previously in the lab: Scientist


Jonathan DiVito
Previously in the lab: Undergraduate student

Danielle Smith
Previously in the lab: Undergraduate student. Completed nursing school.

Olivia Cottrell
Previously in the lab: Undergraduate student

Cait Hamele
Previously in the lab: Undergraduate student
Currently: Graduate student at Duke University with Nick Heaton